• Chrome - Front Rack Duffel
  • Chrome - Front Rack Duffel
  • Chrome - Front Rack Duffel
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Chrome - Front Rack Duffel

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Welded-Waterproof 40-liter front rack duffle for bike camping, adventure biking, and all-weather commuting. We made the Front Rack Duffle to function primarily as an off-body bag that mounts on flat Porteur-style racks. The lightweight large capacity Front Rack Duffle was built for long days in the saddle, or short trips across the city. The Front Rack Duffle attaches quickly and the five-bar handles make the bag work well as a duffle. Off the bike, the Front Rack Duffle’s mounting straps can carry a blanket, sleeping bag or other large cargo on the exterior. 100% waterproof and lightweight, the Front Rack Duffle is our solution for a large volume, low impact bag that mounts on the bike and isn’t a backpack. Hypalon® MOLLE system for expandability. Guaranteed for Life.
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